How to make Cheese Cake

750 gr quark
0.5 cup sugar
500 gr cream 35%
0.5 cup room temperature water
28 gr gelatine
100 gr powdered sugar
80 gr vanilla instant pudding powder
canned berries

- take half a cup of water, add gelatin, stir and leave for 25 minutes
- add quark and sugar to bowl no. 1 and mix well
- add whipping cream to bowl no. 2 and mix for 20 seconds
- add powdered sugar and mix for another 15 seconds
- add pudding powder and mix until the texture is thickens
- heat the cup with the gelatin in the microwave for half a minute
- stir until the gelatin dissolves
- add bowls no. 1 and 2 together and stir until blended
- once mixed, blend in the gelatin
- pour the mixture into a pan and cover with plastic wrap

- place in the refrigerator for 8 hours
- best served with canned berries